Journey for More: Homesick

A Palestinian individual that has never went home despite his originality with years of wishing to go back. Mazen In this episode explains his emotions and struggles toward what he is going through for not being able to visit his home and family.

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Video: Not even allowed to live in a cave

Israel is threatening to wipe a Palestinian village off the map. Farasin, in the occupied West Bank near Jenin, has 200 residents. It is located in Area C – the 60 percent of the West Bank under full Israeli military control according to the Oslo accords of the 1990s. While …

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Amal Khayal … A Success Story

Amal is using her love for yoga to help Palestinian women and girls deal with stress and encourage them to pursue their own passions. Video produced by the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights and UN Women through the #HAYAJointProgramme.

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Burin, Nablus District: Settlers torched trees and threw stones at house under construction. Soldiers fired tear gas and “rubber” bullets and obstructed impeded efforts

On Thursday afternoon, 18 June 2020, Palestinian youths set fire to a field of thorns that lies between the eastern neighborhood of the village of Burin and the settlement outpost of Sneh Ya’akov (Giv’at Ronen). The settlers arrived to extinguish the fire and an argument ensued between them and the …

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