The ِAnnexation After Seventy-Two Years Of Continuous Nakba

By: Marwan E. Toubassi, Ambassador of the State of Palestine in Greece: Some memories permeate our very existence and penetrate our collective consciousness for generations. Survivors of Al-Nakba among them my family who were forcibly displaced from Yaffa “Jaffa” continue to preserve these indelible memories in every wrinkle lining their …

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Israel’s annexation plan plots a new course for the conflict

By: Hazem Ayyad As expected, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu postponed Israel’s annexation plan, for one day apparently, on the pretext of finishing his consultations with an American delegation. His decision was not made known for certain to his Foreign Minister, retired General Gabi Ashkenazi, who told Israel’s Army Radio: “It …

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Stop the Annexation Fanatics. Impose Sanctions on Israel

The only international response to the brazen Trump-Israel plan must be concrete action to stop Israel’s West Bank annexation, and full-fledged apartheid By Dr. Saeb Erekat Israel’s colonial project in Palestine was never about a temporary Israeli presence. 53 years since it occupied the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, and …

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The UK and world must act to stop Israeli Apartheid

Dr Husam Zomlot Whether or not Israel’s government goes through with the annexation of any part of the occupied West Bank starting in July as the newly formed Israeli government has declared, one thing is clear, this is not an existential threat to the Palestinian people. It is an existential …

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