Is Israel Guilty Of Apartheid Against Palestinians?

For many years, Palestinians have accused Israel of practicing apartheid: An official policy of treating the people under its rule differently depending on their ethnicity. Although it’s most famously associated with the white supremacist regime that used to rule South Africa, apartheid is actually a crime with specific conditions. In …

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New Israeli Massacre in Occupied Palestine

The Palestinian people paid the blood tax for the Israeli occupation colonial regime from the City of Jenin to the City of Jerusalem. Israel turns occupied Palestine into a pool of blood. #Palestine #PalestineSeeksAttention #Palestinewillbefree #PalestineIsHere #PalestineNews #palestinelivesmatter #palestinemustlive #Palestinians

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Jerusalem isn’t for Sale

The Palestinian people abidance by the United Nations resolutions concerning a peaceful solution with Israel isn’t due to weakness or fragility. It is based on their strong belief that peace is their choice if and only their right to return, Al Quds, independence and freedom is guaranteed. Otherwise, they are …

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Freedom for Palestinian Prisoners

The Cause of the Palestinian Prisoners is a Cause of Justice that must be Internationalized, And Mr. Mick Napier felt the joy of seeing six of them gaining their freedom in a very intelligent and creative way. #Palestine #PalestineSeeksAttention #Palestinewillbefree #PalestineIsHere #PalestineNews #palestinelivesmatter #palestinemustlive #Palestinians

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A Threshold Crossed

Read the report here: ​ (Jerusalem, April 27, 2021) – Israeli authorities are committing the crimes against humanity of apartheid and persecution, Human Rights Watch said in a report released today. The finding is based on an overarching Israeli government policy to maintain the domination by Jewish Israelis over …

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