Independence and Sovereignty of the State of Palestine

Upholding the Palestinian National Existence Toward the Independence and Sovereignty of the State of Palestine Introduction The Palestinian national existence – the existence of the State of Palestine – and Palestinian national rights have been subjected to a myriad of attacks. Israel has waged a multifaceted crusade that has reverted …

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Briefing Paper: On The Israeli Law Deducting Palestine’s Payments To Prisoners & Family Members From Tax Revenues Israel Transfers To The Palestinian National Authority

This briefing paper focuses on the recently proposed Israeli law which will deduct tax transfers from Israel to the Palestinian National Authority (PNA) by the amount the PNA pay salaries to prisoners and allowances to the family members and martyrs. The briefing paper also outlines the official Palestinian position and …

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The Historic “Status Quo” Agreement in Jerusalem and the Israeli Occupation – in Light of Israel’s Attempt to Impose Municipal Taxes on Church Property

1. What is the “Status Quo”? Jerusalem is one of the most important religious cities for the three monotheistic religions. It hosts thousands of religious, archeological, and heritage sites that are holy for billions of people worldwide. Over the centuries, traditions and agreements between the various religions and religious groups …

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Gold market in Gaza falling apart

By Rima Sweisi The gold market in Gaza, known as “Caesarea,” is devoid of shoppers except of the few who came to sell a piece of gold to use the money to pay for something more urgent that would help them through these difficult times. “The situation in Gaza is …

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