Ukraine-Russia conflict exposes international hypocrisy

By: PRINCE TURKI AL-FAISAL The Ukraine-Russia conflict has laid bare international hypocrisy to anyone who dares look. Among many such hypocritical actions, I have chosen the following examples. First is the UN’s hypocrisy. In 2003, the US invaded Iraq without UN authorization. There was no Security Council condemnation because of …

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The double standards in sports

By: Mohammad Omari The slogan “sports has nothing to do with politics”, was, as a rule, always applied in international sports. Throughout history, a player or a team that used a match or a sporting event to express a political opinion was subjected to punishment. But that completely disappeared with …

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It’s time that Britain recognised Palestine

Later this week Parliament will debate formally recognising the state of Palestine. Now, with the sea change in international opinion, is the time to finally do so — and end all arms sales to Israel, writes CLAUDIA WEBBE MP IT HAS never been more important for the British government to …

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Dailycampus: UConn should listen to Students for Justice in Palestine

Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) and supporting community members at the University of Connecticut organized a demonstration in protest of UConn’s relationship with the state of Israel outside of the Rowe Center for Undergraduate Education on Monday. The protest was organized in the wake of newly hired interim president …

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