How the Russia-Ukraine war exposed European hypocrisy over Palestine

By: Alaa Tartir It’s astonishing to witness the swift European response, the ability to mobilise quickly, and the celebration of resistance when it is ‘white, blond and blue-eyed’ Before Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, I was asked during several conversations with European policymakers: “What can Europeans do to address the injustice …

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How to avoid police brutality in Israel? Don’t be an Arab.

Alya Zoabi has advocated for countless Palestinian families whose loved ones have been attacked by Israeli forces. But the injustice of the Israeli system hit home last month when her own brother was beaten and arrested by Israeli police in Jerusalem. BY: ALYA ZOABI Being a Palestinian child in Israel …

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Russia-Ukraine: Western media are acting as cheerleaders for war

By: Jonathan Cook Journalists are cheering on the arming of militias and civilians making improvised explosives – acts they usually treat as terrorism It is simply astonishing how many western journalists, including normally cautious BBC reporters, are shamelessly fawning over young women building Molotov cocktails on the streets of Ukrainian …

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