President Abbas’s speech before UNGA a significant step toward addressing challenges, threats facing Palestinian national project – spokesman

Presidential spokesman Nabil Abu Rudeineh today said that President Mahmoud Abbas’s speech before the UN General Assembly provided a clear picture of the possibility of achieving peace and stability in the region, describing his speech as a significant step toward addressing the challenges and threats facing the Palestinian national project.

“We are waging a battle of the honest, objective, and documented flawless Palestinian national narrative against the fabricated Israeli narrative,” said Abu Rudeineh, stressing that the Palestinian people will remain steadfast on their land,” Abu Rudeineh told Palestine TV.

He said President Abbas’s speech focused on the Israeli narrative’s attempt to mislead the international community and world public opinion for many years, affirming that it is a false and unacceptable narrative.

Abu Rudeineh stressed that the reclarification of this narrative would lead to important and serious changes in particular since the international community has begun to shift and the world has begun to view Israel as an apartheid state.

He said the relationship with Israel does not exist since Israel no longer honors its commitment to the signed agreements, therefore “we no longer have any confidence in its decisions, especially since it daily announces its commitment to peace while at the same time it commits crimes against Palestinians, demolishes houses, and builds settlements.”

The presidential spokesman drew attention to the statements by Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid in which he claimed that he backs the two-state solution in contrast to the statements of the commander of the Israeli army who said that he does not believe in the two-state solution.

“We are facing an occupation that is based on misleading and distorting facts; therefore, we do not trust the Israeli government that lacks trust between its leaders and commanders,” he said, adding that Israel must understand that peace must be based on the borders of June 4, 1967. “We will not accept a false peace.”

He slammed the US protection for Israel as the reason behind all violations and crimes in the Palestinian territories, stating that the US administration had made many promises to President Mahmoud Abbas affirming its rejection of unilateral actions and settlements and its support of the two-state solution. However, these promises have not been fulfilled, and thus the relationship with this administration is unhealthy although contacts are still ongoing, he added.

“This US administration is responsible for protecting and funding Israel, and if it was serious, it would have compelled Israel to implement the signed agreements,” said Abu Rudeineh, adding that the current US administration remains silent as if the so-called deal of the century of former US President Donald Trump is still on the table and it is continuing to be implemented, and in doing so it has killed the Arab Peace Initiative and all possibilities to achieve real peace in Palestine.

He affirmed that the US administration protects Israel and practices double standards and it must realize that the future of the region is in grave danger and peace cannot be built on these grounds.

“Stability is based on the liberation of Palestine, the establishment of the state of Palestine, and the liberation of Jerusalem and its holy sites,” said the presidential spokesman.


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