International organizations, rights groups, academics call for imposing sanctions on Israel over apartheid policies

Dozens of International organizations, human rights networks, academics, and researchers from 45 countries called on the United Nations and Western countries to impose sanctions on Israel for its occupation of the Palestinian territories and its apartheid regime.

Ramzi Odeh, Secretary-General of the International Academic Campaign against Occupation and Apartheid, said in a statement that 67 international organizations and human rights networks, in addition to 279 academics and researchers from 45 countries urged the United Nations and Western countries to impose sanctions on the occupying power, Israel, for its occupation of the Palestinian land and the imposition of an apartheid regime.

In a statement on the occasion of International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, Odeh noted that the move expresses the global conscience in support of the just demands of the Palestinian people, denouncing the Western countries’ double standards regarding the Palestinian issue compared to the Ukrainian crisis.

He indicated that this statement will be submitted to the meeting of the Human Rights Council at its 49th session, which will address the issue of the Israeli occupation and its continuous attacks on the Palestinian people, and will also be sent to the representatives of the European Union, and to embassies and representative offices operating in Palestine.


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