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Six martyrs, 443 arrestsand 78 demolitions is the number of violations by the Israeli occupation in Jerusalem Governorate during the 3rd quarter of 2021

The occupation authorities renew four previous decisions against the Governor of Jerusalem Adnan Ghaith, banning him from entering the West Bank and participating in any national activities in addition to providing aid to the people of Jerusalem. And another decision to prevent him from contacting and communicating with 51 Palestinian personalities. With this renewal the Governor Ghaith has been prevented from entering the West Bank for 3 years, the first decision was issued as soon as he began his work in 2018 as a governor of Jerusalem. During this period he was arrested 28 times.

Regarding the daily arrests launched by the occupation forces, (443) Jerusalemites were arrested, including (24) women. the Israeli courts issued (32) actual prison sentences against several prisoners, including (7) renewal detentions.

Among the violations, the occupation authorities issued (29) house arrest decisions against Jerusalemites, ranging from five to 10 days including open house detention without specifying a specific period. the Israeli authorities also issued (44) decisions of deportation, and among the decisions about (27) deportation decisions from Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Old City, periods ranged from one week to six months.
In the file of demolishing , the occupation municipality forced Jerusalemites to forcibly demolish (39) houses, and its mechanisms carried out another (39) demolitions, bringing the outcome of the demolitions during the third quarter to (78) operations. The demolitions affected commercial shops, barracks, nurseries, fences, and homes of citizens sheltering a large number of families. The demolitions also affected facilities and buildings under construction.

The occupation machines also carried out excavations and razing of lands belonging to Palestinians, razing operations took place on the lands of the Yusufiya cemetery, further razing operations continued on the lands of Hizma town with the aim of building a new settlement road extending for one kilometer with a width of 16 meters on the town’s land.

During the third quarter the Israeli authorities continued to suppress Jerusalemite institutions and events, these actions varied from banning singing and sports events and a children’s festival to targeting the educational sector and preventing the holding of a sports marathon.

In the context of completing its land annexation projects, the occupation municipality approved during July to establish a “vocational training college” in Wadi al-Joz area. This is the first step towards establishing the so-called “Silicon Valley” project. The “City Center” project which aim for the same goals was also resubmitted after postponed last year due to the objections of the Jerusalemites.

3 projects were monitored during the month of August: a road and settlement tunnel project linking West Bank settlements with occupied Jerusalem. It is planned to pass below the “Qalandia Checkpoint” and “Jaba’ Roundabout” and to link Route 60 to Route 443, in addition to a second project that seeks to Chang the character of Al-Buraq Square and the Moroccan Quarter through illegal construction and other plans against the endowment lands in the city of Jerusalem and the wall of the Al-Aqsa Mosque.

A third project lead by the “Jewish National Fund”, which works to register thousands of properties in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, and these measures may lead to the eviction of Palestinians from many properties. In September, the occupation authorities continued to implement the project of land annexation, the so-called “land settlement” which aims to annex the remaining real estate and the Palestinian lands in east jerusalem.

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