Jihad Buttu has obtained her bachelor's degree in Islamic Law at the age of 85. (Photo: via Social Media)

85-Year-Old Palestinian Woman Awarded Bachelor’s Degree

Palestinian Jihad Buttu has obtained her bachelor’s degree in Islamic Law at the age of 85, the Middle East Monitor reported.

Born in 1936 in the West Bank city of Nablus, Buttu attended school in Al-Mujaydil, near Nazareth, until 1948, when the Nakba took place and Palestinians were forcibly expelled from their homes, according to MEMO.

Her mother became very sick the same year and so Jihad was forced to drop out of school, MEMO continued.

In 1954, Jihad got married and gave birth to five children. However, her passion to study and learn has never died. She took several language courses in Arabic, English and Hebrew, as well as courses in mathematics.

At the age of 81, she enrolled in a college to obtain a university degree, MEMO noted.

“I studied hard and for long hours during the night,” Jihad said, obtaining her degree at the age of 85. “I will teach what I studied to the people around me. What is the benefit of science if I keep it only to myself, I want to teach others so they can benefit as well.”

(MEMO, PC, Social Media)

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